Home NEWS Huawei caught faking DSLR shots as Nova 3i pictures in a commercial

Huawei caught faking DSLR shots as Nova 3i pictures in a commercial

Huawei caught faking DSLR shots as Nova 3i pictures in a commercial

Yes, it seems that Huawei was caught again while trying once again to deceive its consumers. They returned to the old habits of capturing photographs with a DSLR camera, implying that it was being captured with the selfie  camera  of the new Huawei Nova 3i.

The first time, in order to advertise the top-of-the-range Huawei P9, it was with a Google+ publication that was discovered through the EXIF ??information that had been taken with a DSLR camera. This time, it did not take much research work.

The actress involved in the ad thought it would be funny to post a backstage photo  on her Instagram account. Where you see exactly the moment when you would be capturing this image. The problem is that the actor who was taking  selfie “with Huawei New 3i”, is not holding anything in hand … Instead, there is a professional photographer with a “brute” of a DSLR camera capturing the perfect photograph.

Above the photograph taken by the professional camera, the “kilos” of editing are also obvious that they thought fit to apply retrospectively . The goal would be to make it appear that the edit was done by the AI ??3i’s artificial intelligence capabilities.

Huawei is again caught with the “pants in hand” in the announcement of Huawei Nova 3i

Contextualizing the image with the whole script of the advertising video, a couple is spending a summer vacation in a  resortand uses as much as possible the new Huawei Nova 3i to capture every moment in style.

During the advertisement we can see at least 4  selfies that most likely ended up being photographed with professional material. Obviously leading users to think that the photographs had been captured with the Nova 3i itself.

Huawei New 3i busted


Not long ago Samsung Brazil was caught in a similar situation, trying to pass stockimages  as if they were captured with the Galaxy A8. Between the two situations, come the devil and choose. But at least Huawei thought it was okay to hire a professional photographer.

As happens whenever one of these situations becomes public, opinions will fly in all directions. There will be users who say that Huawei never says in the ad that the photos are captured by the smartphone. Or others who say you can never believe in these ” sample images” of the ads.

Huawei Nova3i-fake shots


It is clear that both opinions can be considered valid, just like so many others. The problem is not what Huawei “did not say”, but what he should have said. Just as in the gaming industry companies were forced to put the  disclaimer to reveal that it is not “real game images”. Also smartphone manufacturers should be forced to do the same in their ads.

Misleading advertising by smartphone manufacturers should not be forgotten

Huawei does not claim in any instance that the  selfies  are being captured with the Nova 3i, but neither does it need to. The whole ad is programmed to make anyone to watch assume that, which is normal.


Unfortunately, the general consumer will most likely see this ad and, even if at a glance, will get the photographic result in memory. If you pass a smartphone store, your decision will be influenced by a misleading photograph.

This will most likely be a case of misleading advertising that will eventually go unnoticed in the eyes of the law. Certainly Huawei will publish any excuse to justify the fact that it was caught trying to deceive its consumers.

Let us hope that the old saying does not apply and that there really is no third such situation. Especially at a time when smartphones have amazing photo capabilities. For there is no need to try to deceive potential buyers with tricks of this level.


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