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How to use the updated application Recorder in iOS 12

How to use the updated application Recorder in iOS 12

The Dictaphone application in iOS 12 has been significantly updated. In addition, now it is also available on the iPad and Mac. The design of the Dictaphone has not changed since iOS 7 until this time. Now it has big headlines and a beautiful dark theme.

If now you are confused in the functions of the application, do not worry, below we will help you to figure it all out.

How to make entries in the iOS 12 Dictaphone

Let’s start with the main thing. It’s still an application for voice notes. To start a new recording, open the application and click on the big red button at the bottom of the screen. A screen with a recording and a sound wave changing in real time will open. This means that the recording has started.

You will notice that there is no pause button anywhere. Click on the part with a sound wave to open the record to full screen. The record button turns into a pause button. Click it to pause the recording. It will turn into a button “Resume”, the functionality of which is obvious.

During a pause, you can move the sound wave to move through the recording. You can also use the rewind buttons.

How to rename a record


The new system of names of voice notes is quite strange. By default, they are called by the location in which the record was made. If you record several records in the same location, this can be a problem. Do not worry, you can change the name.

When the entry appears in the list, simply tap its name. It will be highlighted and the keyboard will open. Enter a new name, press Enter, and you’re done!

How to share posts


Do you want to share your notes with friends or colleagues? It’s very easy to do this.

Touch the desired entry, and then click on the three dots in the lower left corner and select Share. A familiar menu will open, on which you can choose how to share the recording.

You can send a record by WhatsApp, Gmail or through any other application in which you can share files. You can add it to the Files or Dropbox application, and also generate a shared link. For example, if you select the Mail application, the entry will be attached to an e-mail in the m4a format.

How to duplicate a record

In Dictaphone, you can trim and edit the recordings. However, before doing this, we recommend duplicating the record you are about to edit, just in case, if something goes wrong.

Select the desired entry, click on the three points, and then select “Duplicate.” The copied file will immediately appear in the list below the original.

How to edit posts


Click on the three dots and select the “Edit” option. The editing window opens. Here you can crop the record, and delete or replace parts of it.

Part replacement is the simplest, but at the same time the most dangerous. In fact, instead of the selected part, a new record will appear in real time, so use the option carefully.

With pruning everything is clear. Click on the blue crop icon in the upper right corner, and below all your compressed record will appear. Clamp and move the edges of the yellow border to select the desired start and end of the recording. You will see two options: crop and delete. The option “crop” will delete everything except the part in the yellow frame, and the option “delete” – vice versa.

When finished editing the entry, click “Save”.

How to sync records via iCloud


The recorder is now available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so you can sync all your entries via iCloud.

Open Settings, click on your Apple ID at the top, select the iCloud section. Here click on the radio button next to the Recorder to make it green.

How to completely delete a post

Now the Dictaphone app deletes the entries according to the principle of the Photo application. After you click “Delete”, the entry will be sent to the Recently deleted folder.


At the bottom of the list, click Recently Deleted. To completely delete an entry, swipe to the left and click “Erase”.

How to automatically delete posts

The process of deleting records can be automated. To do this, go to Settings and select Recorder.


In the Delete deleted section, you can select the removal interval: immediately, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, or never. We recommend that you select 30 days.

How to change the sound quality

In the same section, you can change the sound quality of the recordings. To do this, click Sound Quality and select:

  • Compressed – if you have little memory.
  • No loss – if memory is enough, and you want the best sound quality.

How to change the standard names

If you do not like that the records are called by the location in which they were recorded, you can return the old names. To do this, in the same section, click the radio button next to the Geo-Context names.

Tip: start recording from the Control Point


In iOS 12, the Dictaphone icon appears for the Control Point. Go to Settings -> Control Point -> Configure Controls and add it.

After that, click the icon in the Control Point (or click on it with the 3D Touch) to open a menu where you can start a new recording. You can also quickly open your latest entries.


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