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How to use the “Easy access” on iPhone X

How to use the Easy access on iPhone X

Initially, everyone thought that the functions Easy access to iPhone X is not at all. A curious decision for the phone, the screen is higher than the iPhone screen 8 Plus. However, the lack of features it would be logical because of the fact that the Home button on the new model no. Now that iPhone X finally came out, we know that the easy-access to it remained. However, you must enable it in the Preferences.

Below we explain how to activate Easy-access to iPhone X:

Step 1: Open  Settings, and then go to  Main  ->  Universal access.

Step 2: Find the option  Easy access and click on the radio button next to it, to make it green. [ Note:  If this function, you do not install the latest available version of iOS 11.1.]


How to use Easy access to the iPhone the X

The new model is no button Home, and Home indicator is not connected any clicks or 3D Touch gestures. Everything is done swipe. To activate Easy access indicator is necessary to pull down.

Step 1: Place your finger just above the Home display a white stripe.

Step 2: Slide your finger down.



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