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How to Use Snapchat’s Virtual Reality “Lenses”

Over the week they have been some saga on Snapchats not been for the poor countries Like India. That apart today we are going to show you How To Use Snapchat’s Virtual Reality “Lenses” the feature is inbuilt in Snapchat which many people are not that many of user who doesn’t know about it. We are here to guide you on how to go about it.

How to Use Snapchat’s Virtual Reality “Lenses”

Snapchat’s lenses are the high inbuilt feature with the Snapchat service app that enables its users to make up all cartoons modifications.

How to use Snapchat’s Virtual Reality “Lenses.”

The guide on how to go about the Virtual Reality will be straightforward and easy.

1, If you don’t have Snapchat on your phone, you can Download it from PLAYSTORE OR DIRECT LINK. After installing launch the, snapchat and then load your device’s front facing the camera.  The lenses only work with the face images which could be grabbed only through it. Tap on the face shown on your screen of your device so that the Snapchat could begin to detect your face.

2. After snapchat is done detecting your face, it would automatically bring up the whole available lenses that could be applied to that image. This could be no huge deal as the snap chat could sometimes detect the objects to be the faces and hence apply up to the lenses on them. In getting better results make sure only your face appear inside the camera and not other objects.

#3 Now Swipe the circle icon to bring up more lenses and browse through them, then tap the selected lenses inside the circle. This then applies that particular lens on the face that has been detected by the app.

#4 Some lens in Snapchat require about two persons in the image, and for those particular lenses to work. Many of the lenses also add the effects of the sound and also changes up the quality of the looks, that’s what make it cooler. It’s just up to you now to choose up the perfect lens for your needs and subsequently, manage up your requirements like two faces or only looks, etc.

Enjoy this method and share with us what you have on SNAPCHAT.


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