Unlock Google Nexus 5X Bootloader

The Instruction on this post is to unlock the bootlader of Google Nexus 5x

we will be using Adb and fastboot tools on Windows Computer Unlock


The unlocking of bootloader will void your device warranty and will erase the user data including contacts, images, apps etc
We are responsible for any Damage to your device


1. Download and install Google Adb Driver on your Pc.
2. Download and install Minimal Adb and fastboot on your Pc.


1. Now yo have to Enable USB Debugging on your Nexus 5X. To do that Click Setting>About Phone> then tap Built Number for 7 times for developer to be enabled.

2. Now Go back to Setting then Developers Option then Enable OEM unlocking and USB Debugging

3. Put Your device off now

4. Boot to fastboot mode..To do that Press and Hold Volume Down + Power Key until Fastboot mode is enabled.

5. Connect Your Google Nexus 5X to your Computer.

6. Launch the Minimal Adb and Fastboot Tools that is installed on your Computer

7. In the Minimal Adb and Fastboot Tools CMD window, You will see fastboot device that command will help you to verify that your device is connected successfully to the computer or not.

8. Type this command fastboot oem unlock

9. A confirmation will pop-up on the screen of your phone asking you to confirm the action. confirm the action by using the volume keys to scroll and power key to select/confirm.

10. The command will reboot your device into normal mode.

Congratulation your Google Nexus 5X bootloader is unlocked. Now you can flash any custom recovery on your phone without any issue.

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