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How to take a screenshot on iPhone XR

take a screenshot on iPhone XR
a screenshot on iPhone XR

If you plan to upgrade to a new iPhone XR from an iPhone 8 or older model, then you will be caught off guard when trying to take a screenshot on iPhone XR. On the new smartphone there is no Home button, so the way to take screenshots has changed.

If you had an iPhone X, then you are already familiar with the new way, and we will help the owners of the old models to understand below.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone XR

Step 1: To take a screenshot on the iPhone XR, simultaneously press the Volume Up button and the Side button.

Step 2: If your iPhone XR is not in silent mode, you will hear a distinctive sound. The screenshot preview will appear in the bottom corner of the screen. Touch it to edit the screenshot.

Step 3: Pinch the preview to immediately share the screenshot via Messages, on social networks, etc.

You can simply remove the preview by brushing it aside. In this case, the screenshot will automatically be saved in the Photo application.

How to make a screenshot through Assistive touch

You can take a screenshot on the iPhone XR even with one hand, but for this you need to configure the Assistive Touch function.

Step 1: Enable Assistive Touch

Open the Settings app and go to  General -> Universal Access -> Assistive Touch. Here click on the switch next to Assistive Touch. A translucent Assistive Touch button appears on the screen.

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Step 2: Tap  Top Level Menu, select the star icon and then Screenshot. The ability to take a screenshot will be added to the Assistive Touch menu. You can also replace standard actions with others.

Step 3: Now you can take screenshots by touching the virtual button on the screen. You will usually see the flash and hear the sound of the screenshot.

All screenshots will be saved to the Screenshots folder in the Photos app.


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