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How to Speed ​​Up a Slow Apple Watch

How to Speed Up your Apple Smart watch
How to Speed Up your Apple Smart watch

Three generations of smart watches Apple Watch have emerged, and they have become one of the best accessories for the iPhone (second only to AirPods headphones). Apple Watch is great for managing notifications, quickly viewing information and tracking physical indicators during workouts. At the moment, the latest available version of the system for them is watchOS 4. The first two versions of watchOS were not fully finalized, and the first Apple Watch (Series 0) became rather slow by this time.

If you have an Apple Watch of the first generation, then you probably noticed that they became slower, especially when using applications for training and Siri. By and large, this is due to insufficiently powerful components, but by changing several watchOS settings, you can slightly speed up your old Apple Watch.

1. Decrease movement

This is the simplest thing you can do to speed up your Apple Watch.

As in iOS, you can remove some animations on Apple Watch. Thus, less resources will be spent, and the clock will work faster. If the Workout application is particularly slow, try turning on the Reduce Motion feature.

Reduces movement on Apple Watch

To enable the option on Apple Watch itself, click on the Digital Crown wheel to open the home screen. Here click on the Settings icon and select Easy Access. Find the Reduce Motion function and turn it on.

After that, you’ll notice that some of the animations have disappeared from the interface. Together with the zoom in effect, you’ll see a simple transition with fading, which is much faster and consumes fewer resources.

The decrease in traffic in the application Apple’s Watch

Open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone, go to the My Clock tab, and then go to Basic  ->  Easy Access  ->  Reduce Motion and turn on the function.

2. Close the minimized applications

Apple Watch Speed Up Close the minimized applications

If you open many applications on the background, they can slow down the work of Apple Watch. They can be quickly closed on the clock itself.

Click on the side button to open the watchOS dock. After that, swipe for each application to the left and click the X icon.

3. Disable automatic downloads

By default, iOS automatically installs on Apple Watch all compatible applications that you install on your iPhone. If you like to download applications out of interest, then on your watch probably accumulated a lot of unnecessary. Applications take the memory of the clock and thus slow down their work.

Open the Apple Watch application, go to the My Clock tab, select General, and disable the Automatic downloads feature.

4. Remove unnecessary applications

After you have disabled automatic downloads, you need to remove all unnecessary applications that you do not use.

Step 1: On the Apple Watch, click the Digital Crown wheel to open the home screen.

Step 2: Pinch any icon until the animation appears. You entered the editor mode.

Step 3: Find third-party applications. These are the ones in the upper left corner of which there is an X icon.

Step 4: Click the application icon that you want to delete, and then click Remove to confirm the action.

If you really have a lot of unnecessary applications, the process of removing them will take some time. Fortunately, this is made more convenient in the application for the iPhone.

Open the Apple Watch application, go to the My Clock tab and scroll down. You will see the whole section with the applications installed on Apple Watch. Click on any application, and then on the switch. After that, the application will disappear from your Apple Watch.

5. Uninstall Apple Music Playlists

If you have installed watchOS 4 and enabled synchronization with Apple Music, then on the watch saved all the playlists from the iPhone. Playlists of Apple Music are very convenient, but they take up a lot of memory. On Apple Watch there is only 3GB of free memory.

Open the Apple Watch application, go to the My Clock tab and select Music. Click on the radio buttons next to unnecessary playlists. This will need to be done regularly.

6. Restart the Apple Watch

Sometimes the usual reboot helps. It closes applications on the background, clears RAM, cache, etc. Hold the Digital Crown wheel until the menu appears with the shutdown. Then slide on the slider to turn off the clock. To turn on the Apple Watch, again tighten the Digital Crown wheel.

7. Update the Apple Watch software

Perhaps you have an old version of watchOS. The system has improved since version 3. If you have not done so yet, it’s time to update. In new versions of the system, bugs were fixed, because of which the clock can work more slowly.

It is usually better not to update to the latest available version of the system on older devices, but in the case of Apple Watch it’s worse to stay on older versions.

Open the Apple Watch application, go to the My Clock tab, and then go to the Basic -> Software Update.

8. Turn off background application updates

As in iOS, background updating of applications on a smart clock consumes a lot of resources and consumes battery power. This is a handy feature, but if you use only a few applications on your watch, you do not need it.

Note: Background updating of applications is also responsible for the elements of the dial. If you have a third-party service, for example, with the weather, then do not turn off the function.

Open the Apple Watch app, go to the My Clock tab, then go to the Basic tab and select the Background app update. Here, the function can be turned off completely or only for some applications.

9. The Rescue of Apple Watch

This is the last output that can help speed up Apple Watch. It’s best to completely clean your smart clock and set it up again.

Step 1: On your Apple Watch, click the Digital Crown wheel to open the home screen.

Step 2: Choose  Settings  ->  General  ->  Reset .

Step 3: Click  Clear content and settings.

This will remove all data, applications, and settings from your Apple Watch. After the process is over, the clock will again be as new. They will need to be reconnected to the smartphone and manually downloaded the necessary applications. This method will exactly make your watch faster.


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