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How To Solve Physics Equations With Your Android


When we were at school,
we dreamed of having a magical machine that solved our math problems and
did all of our homework for us. How great would that have been? Turns
out this magic machine now exists in the form of an app (there are
various apps, actually) – shame I’m not in school anymore.

is an extremely useful and effective application that solves your
physics equations and even teaches you how to get to the result (in
order to make you feel like you didn’t completely cheat). The app is
beautifully designed, works flawlessly and helps you do your homework
much faster. You could also try it out for fun… whatever floats your

how to solve physics equations with your Android device:

1. Install and open PhyWiz on your Android device.
2.View the example to see how to use the app, in case you have doubts.
3. Take a look at the list of topics and find the one you’re dealing with. There’s everything: alternating currents, kinematics, capacitance, circular motion, elasticity, lenses…
4. Select the unknown values and add the numbers you already know. After that, you’ll see the option of getting the results for one of the variables available.
5. Tap the magic wand to see the final answer and the process on how to get there.
6. Do your homework quicker than ever!


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