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How to smooth images with level function on the iPhone with iOS 11

Do you have that the object in the photo looks crooked, because you were not able to face perfectly align the phone on the horizon?

The camera in iOS 11 has a useful level function, which few people know, and it can be done perfectly smooth images without any tripods and stands.

Best of all, the level function is automatically activated when you turn your phone sideways. It is similar to the level function in the application also uses by compass and built-in gyroscope to determine the phone’s position relative to the background in the photo.

The function is available only in iOS 11 and newer.

How to use the level function in iOS 11 Camera

1)  Open the  Settings.

2)  Go to the section chamber.

3)  Turn on the option switch grid.

When the grid is enabled, the level function will automatically appear in the cell, if the direct phone to the ground.

4)  Leave the settings and open the camera.

5)  Choose any of the modes  Taymlaps,  Photography,  Portrait, or  Square.

6)  Point the phone on the ground that there were crosses in the center of the screen.

One of the crosses will not move (white), and the second – will be (yellow).

Note:  Unfortunately, the level does not work while shooting panoramic images or video.

7)  Turn the phone so that the crosses have become closer to each other. The closer they are, the smoother the picture relative to the ground. When the phone is located perfectly, crosses merge into one.

8)  When this happens, take a photo. Now you have a perfectly flat photo.

Now shoot close-ups of objects will be easier. It is particularly convenient to photograph documents that are on the table, etc.

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