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How to set up subtitles on different Apple devices

How to set up subtitles on different Apple devices

If you watch TV shows, movies and videos in the TV or iTunes app, and sometimes you do not have enough subtitles, you can easily customize them. On the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, you can easily include and adjust the subtitles. Below we will describe how this is done.

How to set up subtitles for iPhoneiPad and Apple TV

1) Open the Settings app.
2) Go to Basic.
3) Scroll down and select Universal access.
4) In the Media section, select Subtitles and hidden subtitles .5) Click the radio button next to Hidden subtitles + SDH.
6) Below, select Style to adjust the appearance of the subtitles.

How to set up subtitles on a Mac

1) Click the Apple icon in the menu.
2) Select System Settings.
3) Select Universal Access.
4) Click Sniffing. text.
5) Customize the Style using the suggested options.
6) Check the box next to Prefer Hidden Subtitles and SDH.

Appearance of subtitles

On each of the devices, you can adjust the appearance of the subtitles. You can try each option and decide which one you like best.
  • Transparent background
  • Large text
  • Classical
  • Contour text
You can also create your own style. On your iPhone and iPad, click Create New Style . On Apple TV – Change the style , and on the Mac – the icon “+” .
Then enter the description (name) of the style, select the transparency and background color, the size and color of the text, the font, as well as the style of the edges of the text and its selection. You can customize the subtitles to your liking.
After that, your own list appears in the list of styles, and you can use it. In addition, you can always edit and delete your styles.
If you like watching movies and serials in the original language, then the function will definitely be useful for you. In addition, the subtitles will look exactly the way you want. If you use subtitles on YouTube and Netflix, then the settings will be applied to them.


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