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How to set up Slack on a Mac

If you use the Slack program, you already know that it is a great tool for communicating with useful functions. The program has many different options and settings. Below we describe all the options for Slack for Mac.

How to open Slack settings

There are two ways to access the Slack settings.

1) Click Slack on the menu.

2) Select Preferences.


1) Click on your username in the upper left of the Slack window.

2) Select  Preferences.

Both methods will open the same window with the Slack settings.


  • Notifications: Here you can configure notifications for all new messages ( All new messages), personal messages ( Direct messages ), mentions and keywords ( mentions keywords ) or disable all ( Nothing ). You can also receive alerts from subscribed posts and change settings for mobile devices.


  • Keywords: If you select Direct messages mentions keywords in the first section, you can enter keywords at your discretion. When someone uses one of these keywords, you will receive a notification about it.
  • Do Not Disturb : This option works the same as Do Not Disturb on iPhone and iPad. You can set the time at which notifications from Slack will not come at all. Other users can bypass this restriction if necessary.


  • Sounds and interface: Here are five options related to message previews, sounds, and icons. You can choose other sounds by pressing the Change ( the Change ) and configure different for each window.
  • Without activity on the computer: If you use Slack also on your mobile device, and not just on a Mac, you can receive notifications to it when the computer program is not active.
  • Channel notifications : Here you can change the settings for specific Slack channels in both mobile and full versions.


Messages and media

  • Theme : You can choose a Clean theme with a user icon, time and messages. Or choose the Compact theme without an icon to save space.
  • Names : Here you can choose the format for displaying usernames.


  • Additional options : Here you can choose whether you want to know that someone is typing a message, use the 24-hour format and customize the display of colors.
  • Emoji Style : If you don’t like to see Emoji, you can turn them on as text. You can also increase the size of emoji or enable automatic text conversion to emoji.


  • Media and links : Here you can choose in which format you want to see the media and links that are sent to you.
  • Email : You can import your emails to Slack with a single click.



You can customize the appearance of the side menu, which is especially convenient if you use several Slack windows – they can be made different.

  • Appearance : Select what you want to see in your sidebar: Everything ( Everything ), unread and favorites posts ( Unreads and starred conversations ) or only unread ( Unreads only ). This way you can not overload your menu.
  • Additional options : If you enable Show All Unreads , a category with all unread messages will appear above the channels. Show the Quick Switcher will add the ability to quickly switch between channels.
  • Theme : You can choose from six available themes. This way you will immediately understand which window is open. In addition, the themes themselves can also be customized.


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