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How to set up a text answering machine in Do Not Disturb mode

How to set up a text answering machine in Do Not Disturb mode

Everyone in life has a time when you need to temporarily cut yourself off from the outside world, conversations, and correspondences — on vacation, a business trip, or just when you want to be alone. But I would also like those who call and write to you to find out about it and not worry.

Here’s how to set up automatic text responses to all incoming calls and messages.

Setting up automatic responses in the Do Not Disturb Drivermode

The function Do not disturb the driver can be useful not only in a situation where you are driving and can not answer. It can also be used to customize the text autoresponder. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad, and then:

  1. Click the Do Not Disturb tab .
  2. Scroll down about the screen. Set Call Allowance ( Phone tab ) to None .
  3. Set the mode activation mode to Manual if you want to use the function outside the car.
  4. Translate the value of the Auto Answer parameter to All contacts .
  5. Click the second Auto Answer item to change the message that everyone who calls and writes 

How to add Do Not Disturb Driver to Control Point

Activating the mode Do not disturb the driver is much more convenient through the Control Point . Add an icon to this panel is not difficult:

  1. Open Settings and select the item Control item.
  2. Select Customize controls.
  3. Find the purple icon Do not disturb the driver and click on the green plus sign to the left of it. This will move the icon to the Enable list . If necessary, drag the icon above the list to change its position in the panel.

Done! Now, to activate the mode and transfer incoming calls and messages to a text answering machine, simply click on the corresponding icon in the Control Point.


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