How to search for songs by text in Apple Music on iPhone and iPad
In iOS 12 in the standard Music application, it became possible to search for songs by their text. With the new feature, users can easily find the desired tracks for several words. The application automatically selects the song from the text that you entered.
With iOS 10 in the Music application lyrics appeared, and later they were added to iTunes in macOS Sierra 10.12. In iOS 12 was added and search by text. A new useful feature became available in the fifth beta version of the update, released a couple of days ago.
Now you can easily find the necessary songs in the catalog of more than 40 million tracks, and also search through your saved songs.
Below, we’ll show you how to use the new feature.

How to search for songs by text on iPhone and iPad

1) Open the Music application on your iPhone or iPad.
2) Click the Search tab in the lower right corner of the screen.
3) Enter in the search string a few words from the song you want to find.
4) Select the search location – Apple Music or your media library.
5)  Press Enter to start the search.
The screenshot shows that, according to “how can I forget those beautiful dreams that we shared”, the song How Can I Go On by Freddie Mercury, the vocalist of the legendary band Queen, was found.
If you suddenly get stuck in a line from a song, but you do not know its name or artist, the new feature of iOS 12 will help you with this.


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