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How to save Google+ data before it is deleted

How to save Google+ data before it is deleted

Sunday 31 March 2019 Google+ will close its doors and all the data on the Mountain View giant’s social platform will be removed.

If you have used the service in the past and wish to download your data before they have disappeared forever, all you have to do is follow the appropriate procedure designed by Google.

First, you need to follow this link and access Takeout, which is the tool that can be used to download personal data from all the services of the Mountain View giant.

At this point you need to select which type of data you want to save:

Google Plus
Google Plus

By default, the system will send a link to download the Google+ archive to the Gmail account, dividing the files into 2GB .zip packages. Users can, however, choose to have their data moved to Drive, Dropbox or other platforms.



At this point you need to be patient and wait for the system to store the contents (a few minutes may be enough, like hours, depending on the quantity to be processed). Once everything is ready, the user will be notified by email.



At this point, it will be possible to relive your memories on Google+ and, why not, make a comparison between that experience and that offered by “modern” social networks like Facebook or Instagram.


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