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How To Remove Background from any Image in Android

Removing background from an image in Android many has long to learn how to do it with their smartphone this will surely save one’s time of booting up your computer launching your photoshop loading your picture then starting working too long a process right. We are going to give you some fantastic app which can help you remove the background of any image you want on your Android phone. 
How To Remove Background from any Image in Android
 Many think to remove the background from any image can only be done using Photoshop know now it can be done on Android too. A lot of apps spring out on a daily basis for Android after testing some app we pick a few great app that can do the job well for you and are easier to use too. Some the app can be used to remove background are
  1. Background Eraser.
  2. Background Remover
  3. Background Eraser and Remover
  4. # PhotoLayers?Superimpose,Eraser
  5. TouchRetouch
  6. Picart
We going to explaining how to use BACKGROUND ERASER to remove the background of any image and give some insight feature of the other apps

How To Remove Background Any Image in Android

Using Background Eraser to remove the background any image in Android is quite easy and straightforward.

The Steps On How To Use BackGround Eraser

  1. The first thing to do is to download and install Background Eraser on your smartphone.
  2. After doing the above launch the app, you will see some option like ?How to Use  ?Trouble shooting  ?Report a Problem, Ask  ?Share  ? Load a photo Click the Load a photo to pick the image you want from your Gallery.
  3. We will advise you crop the focused part of the picture out as possible.
  4. Now click done option when you are done with cropping.
  5. Three option will show up which are Manual, Auto, and eraser, choose the Auto option with zoom in into picture.
  6. If during removing you make a mistake you can correct it by just revert the change, the eraser can fix that out. 
  7. Click the done option and put the smooth level to maximum so that you get the smooth background.
  8. Now click on the Finish option there, and after a little work you should be done, you have the image with the removed background.

It just as simple as eating rice right?
Other Similar apps that you can use to remove background are:

Background Remover

Background Remover is another smart Android photo background eraser app that you can smartly use to erase object quickly or background color. 

Background Eraser and Remover

Background Eraser and Remover give you the chance to quickly remove the background from your pictures and save the image in transparent Png or Jpg format which can be used with other photo apps.

PhotoLayers?Superimpose, Eraser

This is another excellent app which provides same features like the above app, you can even combine up to 10 pictures to create a photomontage. This app even has some good rating at Google Play store.


TouchRetouch is an app that will offer you all the tools you need to efficiently remove the background from your pictures. Making unwanted objects vanish right before your eyes by marking them. With Blemish Remover, you can touch any minor blemish once to remove it forever.
We hope the app listed here we help you to remove the background from any image on your Android device. Do share this post with friends.


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