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How to reinstall MacOS Mojave

You may need to reinstall macOS Mojave if any problems arise with the system. Today we will explain how to reinstall macOS Mojave without cleaning the disk and deleting user data and files. This method is ideal for solving problems.

Please note that reinstalling macOS Mojave is not the same as installing from scratch. Installing Mojave removes all data from your computer, including your personal files, and reinstalling only applies to the operating system itself.

Be sure to back up your Mac with Time Machine in case something goes wrong.

How to reinstall MacOS Mojave

  1. Restart your Mac, then immediately hold down the COMMAND + R keys to enter recovery mode.
  2. In the “MacOS Utilities” window, select “Reinstall macOS”.
  3. Click Continue, and then accept all terms and conditions.reinstall MacOS Mojave


  1. On this screen, select “Macintosh HD” (or another drive where you want to reinstall macOS Mojave), and then click “Continue” to begin the reinstallation process.MacOS Mojave install


  1. Your Mac screen will turn black and the Apple logo will appear with a progress indicator. Let the device complete the reinstallation.


When the reinstallation is complete, the Mac will start as usual. You can log in to your account and continue working with the computer as usual. You can also immediately install software updates if they are available.

If for some reason you cannot find your files, then during the reinstallation process something went wrong. In this case, you need to recover from a copy of Time Machine, created before the start of the process. In theory, any problems may arise, but this happens very rarely.

Now you know how to reinstall macOS Mojave. You will not need to do this until there is a problem with the system after updating the software or accidentally deleting system files and components.

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