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How to record an iPhone screen with and without sound

How to record an iPhone screen with and without sound

This post contains a step by step instruction for a way to show your mom how different things are done on a smartphone. In any case, it is very easy to do we will explain to you how to record an iPhone screen with and without sound.

Adding a screen entry to the Management Point

First, you need to add a screen recording button to the Control Point, if you haven’t yet done so.

1) Open Settings and select Item Management.

2) Click Customize Element management.

3) In the section More Elem. Controls, click the plus icon next to Screen Record .

Now the button will be displayed in the Control Point. You can drag it higher in the list in Settings to change the button layout.


Create an iPhone screen entry

1) Open the Control Station.

2) Click the Record Screen button.

After that, the button will countdown from three seconds. During this time, you can close the Control Station and go to the screen from which you want to start recording.


When the recording starts, the status bar will turn red. To stop recording, simply tap the status bar. You will see confirmation of the termination of the recording, click “Stop”. To continue recording, click Cancel.

When you stop recording, a notification will appear that the record is saved in Photo.


How to record screen with sound

If you need to record a screen with sound, you have two options. You can record sound only from your iPhone or also with external sound from a microphone.

Internal and external sound

This method is perfect when you need to simultaneously explain what you are doing.

1) Open the Control Station.

2)  Press (or hold) the Screen Record button.

3) Click the microphone icon to Enable external sound recording.

4) Click Start Recording.


Internal sound only

If you do not need external noise in the video, do the following:

1) Open the Control Station.

2)  Press (or hold) the Record Screen button.

3) Click the red icon with the microphone to turn off external sound recording.

4) Click Start Recording.


In both options, you will need to touch the red status bar to stop recording the screen.

Every day, thanks to the new Apple features, life is becoming easier, and Screen Recording is another confirmation of this. You can use the function for articles, presentations, instructions and more.


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