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How to protect yourself after Facebook’s recent security breach

How to protect yourself after Facebook's recent security breach

It was last Friday that Facebook revealed one of its biggest problems in recent years. Altogether, there were close to 50 million users who saw their data accessed and stolen.

In this case there were no passwords theft, but there are some steps you can and should take to protect yourself from these and other situations that may happen in the future. Here’s how to protect your Facebook account.

In the case of the crash reported on Friday, the problem was in a code block associated with the “See as” option, which allowed access to the security tokens and thus access the user accounts.

Facebook dealt with the problem and barred the attackers’ access to this data by revoking the security tokens, which does not require changing passwords. There are however some measures you can take to prevent this situation from happening in the future.

See who has joined your Facebook account

The first step is to check if there were any abnormal accesses to your account. You can access this information in the Security area in the Settings.

From there you can see in the section ” Where are you logged in ” where your account has accessed Facebook. They can see the device, the location, and the time the access was made.

If they have detected an abnormal situation, they can remove this access, in the zone of the 3 point and the option to End session. If you prefer, to have a more global conclusion, you can choose at the end the option ” Terminate session of all sessions “.

Increase the security of your Facebook account

Now that you’ve removed unauthorized access, it’s time to protect your account. For this you should look at the Two Factor Authentication section. Here you will want to enable two-factor authentication to increase security at the time of authentication.

Note that it has been discovered recently that Facebook can use this contact number to send advertising, which means that they may be giving more information to Facebook.

They can also see the authorized logins, to control the equipment that can access and not use an access code. If they detect any strangers or one that does not need to be used, they should be removed.

Notifications when someone signs in to your Facebook account

Finally, to know when unauthorized access happens, you can enable additional security settings. In particular, look for the Receive alerts about unknown logins option so that you can receive Facebook and Messenger access notifications.


So if there is an unauthorized access to Facebook, it will immediately trigger a notification by email as well as Facebook’s own mobile application. At this point, you only need to access the settings zone and cancel that access as explained above.

It is now important to add some care in the coming months if you have accessed your email and/or telephone number. They are likely to be contacted for attempted mockery or other illegal schemes.

As you can see, it’s simple to protect a Facebook account and prevent and prevent unauthorized access. Just have the right options turned on and some caution with the apps and accesses that are allowed.

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