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How To Overclock Your Android Device To Boost Performance

Slow Android is caused by numerous factors which make solved will make our device perform well. One major problem is having a limited CPU clock speed.  We will be sharing some method that will help you to overclock your device to boost its performance.
The number of people that use Android phone today is increasing a daily basis, and many users have the slowing-down issue with their Android devices. Below are the ways to boot up your phone performance. Overclocking CPU means increasing the CPU switching speed more than the maximum limit and this will boost up your device performance by fast switching CPU. Moreover, this can be done with an app that only works on rooted android.

How To Overclock Your Android Device To Boost Performance

Note:- Clocking your device CPU will result in overheating your smartphone also this process might damage your processor permanently. We will be not responsible for anything that happens to your device do it at your own risk

Step 1. You need to root your device Android.
Step 2. After rooting, you need to download and install SetCPU on your device. After installing launch the app and give it Superuser access.
Step 3. Allow the SetCPU app to scan the available speeds of your device processor. After detection, you have to balance both the maximum and minimum speed for your Android CPU switching.

Don’t click on “Set to Boot” until you feel that the speed is stable, as doing this can harm your android.

Step 4. After the above, You will create profiles so that you can set the times or conditions when SetCPU should underclock or overclock your processor speed.
Step 5. I have taken the example of Battery charging, and you can set a profile to overclock your device while charging. Having a variety of various priorities for each profile created.
That is it! You are done, now your Android CPU is successfully clocked.
Other Apps To Overclock Your Android Device:
  1. No-frills CPU Control
  2. AnTuTu CPU Master
  3. Tegrak Overclock
  4. Overclock for Android
  5. Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro
This is for sure the real android hack that will boot-up your phone performance after rooting your device. You can do some multitasking with great ease. Do share this trick if you see it cool.


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