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How to install jailbreak greeng0blin for tvOS 10.2.2

Recently we wrote about the fact that nitoTV released a tool for installing tweaks on different versions of tvOS. This is a file manager similar to Cydia for iOS, and it requires a jailbreak. If you have tvOS 10.2.2. you can use the greeng0blin tool. Below you will find detailed instructions for using it.
How to install jailbreak greeng0blin for tvOS 10.2.2
At the moment the firmware file tvOS 10.2.2 is still signed by Apple, so you have the opportunity to roll back from a newer version.

How to install jailbreak greeng0blin on Apple TV 4

1)  Go to the official site of nitoTV and download the file greeng0blin. Installer nitoTV to download separately is not necessary because it is built into the jailbreak itself.
2)  Connect your Apple TV 4 to your computer using a USB-C cord.
3)  Download the Cydia Impactor program and run it on your computer. She must find out your Apple TV.
4)  Drag the greeng blin file .ipa in the program window and enter your Apple ID with a password.
5) The application will be downloaded to your Apple TV. Wait until the download is complete. If the application icon appears on the home screen, you can ignore the error messages.
6)  Run the greeng0blin application and click the jailbreak button  in the center of the screen to start the installation.
7) The installation of jailbreak. Please note that the process may fail several times, but nothing can be done with it, so try again. The average jailbreak works 4-6 times, but sometimes the number of attempts can reach 15.
8)  After a successful installation, a window appears asking for respringing. Confirm the action. Next, you will need to change your SSH passwords.
9)  After changing SSH passwords, check if the tool has worked. The screen should look like this:
You should see a confirmation message: jailbroke yo If you experience any problems with the jailbreak, click the Reinstall Bootstrap buttonHowever, do not use it unnecessarily.
10)  The nitoTV application should also appear on the home screen.
To remove a jailbreak, just uninstall the greeng0blin application and restart your Apple TV 4.

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