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How to improve the sound of AirPods

How to improve the sound of AirPods

AirPods came out about a year ago. Buyers are very pleased with the headphones and respond well to them, but their only drawback is not enough good sound for true music connoisseurs.

Fortunately, YouTube has a video with a lift hook that will help improve the sound of your AirPods.

There is no magic here, but the sound quality can really become much better. Lifehack is using foam guns, which used to be covered by many headphones.

Bad sound is due to the fact that the headphones loosely fit your ear. AirPods can be very light and comfortable, but with loose contact with the ear, the audio quality is lost.

Using a pair of foam nozzles, which are also white, you can improve the contact and thus the sound quality. Below you can see everything in the video with the instruction.

We’ll have to work to make it work, but AirPods will not only sound better, but also stop falling out of the cover.



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