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How to improve Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge battery life


Tests suggest that the Galaxy S6 and its curved screen spin-off offer quite a decent battery life with endurance capacity of
more than 70 hours, which means the duo can run for three days in
single charge, given an hour each for calling, internet use and watching
However, the battery life of the devices can be enhanced with a few tweaks and customizations. WE brings you a list of such tweaks to extend the battery life of the S6 and S6 Edge.

  • Disable VoLTE from Phone app>> More>> disable it if you don’t need.
  • It is recommended to keep a black background and black theme for
    appa, as each background light, lights up individually on the Super
    AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S6.
  • Go to Wi-Fi & More & Uncheck always searching for Wi-Fi.
  • Disable Smart Lock when not in use from Settings>> Search>> Trust Agents.
  • Keep updating Samsung Push Services from App Store.
  • Disable movements and gestures feature, which can be found under Settings>> Movements and gestures.
  • Note that Gmail app uses less battery than the stock Email app.
  • Turn off the features such as Sync, NFC, GPS when not in use.
  • In low network coverage area, use HSPA connection instead of 4G,
    although it does not seem to have much difference in terms of speed, the
    phone uses less power.
  • Turn on the Grayscale by tapping thrice on the home button for your
    screen for less power consumption. Go to
    Settings>> Availability>> Direct access>> turn Grey
    scale on.
  • The Facebook and Messenger app also use a lot of battery. Apart from
    these, you might disable the following apps when you are not using them
    to save power.

         Drive, Google Book, Play and Now, Hangout
        Instagram, Onedrive, S Health, S Voice
        Skype and WhatsApp

  • The Battery Saver mode improves battery life. Just set Battery Saver
    to a certain level so that when your battery reaches to that particular
    level, the feature will turn on.
  • Turn off the Greenify apps that run in the background such as Dropbox, 9gag, MyFitnessPal and Wordfeud.
  • Set the screen brightness to low instead of using auto-brightness.
  • Switch off vibration alerts for Feedback, keyboard and ringing.
  • Turn off the Google location history.
  • It is nice to have widgets, like weather, on the new Galaxy smartphone but they eat quite a lot of power too.

Thanks to senior XDA member, Faspaiso for sharing the aforementioned tips on the forum thread.
Battery drain after rooting/TWRP

If you have rooted and installed TWRP on your Galaxy S6
models and experiencing battery problems, it could be due to the loss of
deep sleep.
You can check if your S6 is going into deep sleep by installing CPU Spy from Play Store, according to forum member, meboy.
Open the CPUspy and leave the phone in standby mode for at
least five to 10 minutes. Then open the CPUspy backup and check for
anything showing in the deep sleep section. If it shows any percentage,
it means the device has deep sleep, and if it is blank it means that the
device does not have it. Head over to the development thread to know how to fix battery issue after root.


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