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how to hide files and folders on your android

Definitely many of us want to hide some files and or folders in devices from people.

For some time now I’ve been wanting to share this but have not been able to, but today its available.

Like I said in my first sentence, many of us want to know how to hide files maybe photos, videos, docs or folders from some people who will just pick up your android phone or tablet
and all they’ll do is go straight maybe to the gallery app and start swiping pictures(photos) and watching videos like the whole world depends on it. how annoying!

So now am bringing you a remedy for that, in the sense that when ever they pick up your device again they’ll not see those pictures/photos, videos or other files you don’t want them to see for what ever reason.

This would be made possible with the use of any of the various available file explores or managers such as your android’s inbuilt file explore or ES file explorer or any other, but I’ll be using ES file explorer for this because I rate it among the best now…..

assuming its WhatsApp images you want to be hidden just like the photo at the beginning of this post, you go to your WhatsApp folder its usually in your sdcard directory, just as in the same photo above, then you select/tick the folder(in that photo its media) once
ticked/marked, there would be options like copy, cut, delete, rename and more at the bottom of your screen, you’ll now have to select rename and there will be a pop up for you to type the name for the folder or file.

This is now where the trick takes place.
Once the pop up comes up for you to type the name you want, all you do is put a full stop(.) at the beginning of the name, that is before the first letter of the name, for example if the name is legit photos you change it to .legit photos, once done adding the full stop(.) you tap ok.

After doing all the above you’ll notice the file or folder will instantly disappear from your view, which means it has been hidden.

Go to your gallery app(assuming its a picture or video) you’ll discover also that its not there as well. That’s it, the magic has been done your files are hidden no more unauthorized viewing. but in a case when you want to reverse this, all you do is go back to your ES file explorer,
press your menu key, you’ll see a column drawn out from the left side
of your screen. At the bottom right of the column is the settings
option, click no it and a new window
will open, on the window are file settings, security settings, tools
settings and update settings. Under file settings the first option is
display settings you click on it and it will open another window with
options having boxes to be ticked, the first there is ‘show hidden
files’ you’ll have to tick on it. After that go back to the directory
where that file or folder you hid is you’ll notice it has appeared, now
rename it like you did when trying to hide it, but in this part just
remove the full stop(.) at the beginning and click ok, it will now
reappear in your gallery app(or where ever), once done go back to the
settings again and deselect that box labeled ‘show hidden files’.
in case you want to download ES file explorer go here

that’s just all that is needed, don’t forget to share your comment and also share this with your friends.

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