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How to get back from iOS 12 to iOS 11 without losing data

How to get back from iOS 12 to iOS 11 without losing data

On September 17, Apple released the official version of iOS 12. However, even if you have downloaded and installed the new operating system for iPhone and iPad, you can go back to iOS 11 if you want.

In this article, we’ll show you, step by step, how you can reinstall iOS 11 on your devices.

A Brief Introduction Before you Downgrade …

When we install a new version of iOS, a sense of regret may come later. Maybe that application that we use the most is not ready for the new version of the operating system and is providing a poor user experience, or we simply do not like the changes that have come up in general.

When performing the operation known as downgrade it is possible to return to iOS 11. However, there is some risk associated with returning, namely, data loss. Thus, the decision to go back to the previous version should not be taken lightly.

When you downgrade from version 12 to 11 iOS is effectively removing the last version of the operating system of your iPhone or iPad and replace it with the latest stable build of iOS 11.

The opportunity to return from iOS 12 to iOS 11.4.1 should not be available for a long time and it all depends on how long Apple will continue to sign the iOS 11.4.1 firmware files. From the moment a firmware is no longer signed it becomes impossible to downgrade and can only update the device with future versions of the operating system.

About backups …

It is important that you back up your iPhone or iPad when you have the iOS 114.1 installed on your device. This is because it is impossible to use an iOS 12 backup on a device with iOS 11.4.1 installed. There is no backward compatibility for backups performed with iCloud.

Therefore, before performing any software updates, you should always perform a backup using the computer. If the only backup you have is iOS 12 then you can accept the total loss of data or leave the iOS version 12 installed.

The easiest way to check the file backups you have on your Mac or Windows computer is, go to the menu bar, click iTunes -> Preferences -> Devices . You will see the list of backup copies that are available on your computer.

You can also see the backups you have stored in the Apple cloud, the iCloud tool, but there you will only find the latest one. Still, on your iPhone or iPad go to Settings -> Click on your name , above, in the left sidebar -> iCloud -> Backup . You will see the date and time the last copy was taken.


So if you have any questions about the backups you have, do not try to go back to the previous version of iOS.

How to get back to iOS 11?

Before starting the process you should make a new backup of your iPad, just in case something goes wrong. When backing up to the device via iTunes, archive the iOS 11.4.1 backup through iTunes preferences to ensure that the new copy does not replace the older copy.


All this we are telling you about backups is very important. We want to ensure that you take care and do not lose data unnecessarily.

1 – Make sure you have all the necessary backups to avoid accidental loss of data.

2 – Disable the Find iPhone / iPad in Settings -> Click above in your name -> iCloud -> Find iPhone / iPad.

3 – Download the iOS 11.4.1 firmware file for your device here . Browse your device and place the file in an easily accessible folder. The Documents folder or the Desk are a good choice.

4 – Open iTunes.

5 – With the USB cable connect your iPhone or iPad with iOS 12 to your Mac or Windows PC.

6 – In iTunes on the left sidebar click on Summary after accessing the iPhone or iPad.

7 – Next, if you have a Mac computer hold the OPTION (or ALT) key and click Restore iPhone / iPad. On the other hand, if you have a Windows PC, hold the SHIFT key and click Restore iPhone / iPad.

8 – Browse to the iOS 11.4.1 iPSW file that you downloaded and double-click.



9 – The iPhone or iPad screen will turn black and the device will need to be restarted multiple times. Do not interact with the device while the downgrade is occurring.

When the downgrade process is complete, iOS 12 has been removed and the device will re-enable iOS 11.4.1 again.

Have you ever downgraded from an official version to an older version? Share with us your experience.

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