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How To Get back Deleted Messages on Whatsapp

Whatsapp Message
Have you ever deleted few conversations mistakenly,
wanted to get all those conversation back as it means you a lot, well you might not be aware about the automated Whatsapp backup that it creates everyday @ 4PM
which is actually stored in the SD Card of your Android Device, well we are going to see how you can easily restore that
1. Navigate to the Whatsapp Database folder, SD Card & Whatsapp & Databases.
2. In the database folder, you will see some files something like msgstore-2014-01-04.1.db.crypt . So
as you can see these files even contain the date on which it’s created + you will also see a file msgstore.db.crypt , well this is the main file.
3. So now just rename this file msgstore.db.crypt to something like backup-msgstore.db.crypt.
4. Now after you have successfully renamed your file, just change another file that contains the appropriate date like choose the one that’s latest or the one you think that might contain your chat conversation.
5. So now rename that file to msgstore.db.crypt and then the last
step is to navigate to Setting & Applications & manage applications & Whatsapp, and click on Clear Data
option to remove all the data.
6. That’s it now your msgstore.db.crypt will be restored and obviously that the file that contains your chat conversation.
7. So now as soon as you open your WhatsApp again it will ask you to restore from the Backup.
8. Just press Restore option and everything will be restored pretty easily.
NOTE: your backup files are saved in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder.
This folder may be located in either your device’s internal memory or external memory.

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