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How to force close app on iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus

How to force close app on iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus

When you close app on iPhone, it continues to run in the background, but most of the tasks are cancelled, as long as you do not open it again. If there is a background task that must be completed, the application will continue to do so. These tasks include locating, IP-telephony, etc.

To force close app on iPhone, you need to open the application switcher and do it, brushing it from there. It instantly completes all background tasks and frees up memory. Ever since Apple presented multitasking in iOS 4, one of the main topics of discussion was the question of whether to close the applications running in the background you need? We believe that it is useful, for example, when an application hangs up or eats a lot of battery, such as Facebook or Pokémon Go.

iOS is designed to cope with multitasking, and, if you are using some applications on a regular basis, we recommend that they do not close, just fold. This will slow down the application to work as long as you do not open it the next time. Forced closing completely finish all the processes, and then the opening of the application will leave more energy.

If you have changed the old model to the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is, you can continue to force application to close in the same way as before. If you do not know how this is done, below we’ll tell you about it.

How to force close app on iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus

Step 1:  First unlock your iPhone with a password or Touch ID.

Step 2:  Double-click the Home button to open the application switcher. You will see all the applications that run in the background.

Step 3:  Scroll cards left and right until you find the app you want to close.

Step 4:  Swipe card applications up to close it.



The app is completely shut down all background tasks. It should be forced to close applications that consume a lot of battery. These include Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram.

How to close multiple applications on the iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus

In this case, the process is almost the same, but you will need to use already two or more fingers. As we mentioned above, it is not necessary to close the applications you use regularly.

Step 1:  Press the Home button twice.

Step 2:  Locate the application that you want to close.

Step 3:  Place several fingers on each application card and whisk them up. Thus it is possible to close the three applications at once. You can also use four fingers, but it will be more difficult so that the three – the best option.




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