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How to fix the error of the Electra jailbreak “Please Wait (2/3)”

How to fix the error of the Electra jailbreak "Please Wait (2/3)"

If you decide not to pay attention to the saurik developer warning and are still trying to install the Electra jailbreak with the Cydia application, then it is likely that you are faced with a lot of bugs that prevented you from doing it. Fortunately, most of these errors can be fixed, including the hanging in step 2/3, which makes it impossible to establish a jailbreak successfully.
As usual, the solution requires certain knowledge and skills to work with the file system of the device. In addition, you will need to delete several files. If you are not sure about your capabilities, then you should not take up such work. If you know what you are doing, you can act.

How to fix Electra 2/3 error

Step 1: First, you need to install a Beta version of Electra 11.3 on your device. After that, download the IPA from here and upload it to your device using Cydia Impactor. During the process, the device must be in jailbroken mode.
Step 2: After that, restart your iPhone and run the Electra application again to activate jailbreak. Access your device through a computer program like Cyberduck (Mac) or WinSCP (Windows), and run the ” uicache ” command.
Step 3: Using the SFTP-enabled program, go to the usr lib / folder   and delete the libapt – instfile  dylib .
Step 4: Find the folder etc dropbear /  and delete it all.
Step 5: Also delete the usr lib apt folder  .
Step 6: Run the command again: bash/bootstrap unjailbreak sh  This completely removes jailbreak from the device.
Step 7: On the device itself go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase content and settings. Then you will need to download the Topanga application to your device to erase everything.
This time, the installation process should complete successfully. Follow all steps carefully and do not remove anything unnecessary.


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