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How to fix problems with Wi-Fi on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

How to fix problems with Wi-Fi on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

In this article, we will tell you about several ways to fix problems with Wi-Fi on your new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. The tips below are effective and have repeatedly helped our readers.

On new models there is an additional antenna on the case It was supposed to improve communication on smartphones, but some users write that they still have problems with connecting to the network and Wi-Fi.

Some cannot connect to Wi-Fi networks, some of the Internet is very slow. Sometimes there is a message about incorrect password entry, although it is correct, or the Wi-Fi section in Settings does not open at all.

If you also have similar problems, use our tips below.

1. Restart the router

Before you start trying to solve the problem on the device itself, you need to make sure that the problem is not in your router.

Restart the router and try to connect to the network again.

A router is a mini-computer with a processor, memory, etc. As with the computer, rebooting the router can fix some problems. We recommend waiting at least 10 seconds before turning on the router again. Check that all cables are inserted tightly, and also check the system settings of the router – they can even be reset and re-configured.

2. Update the firmware of the router

If possible, update the firmware of your router to the latest available version. Some users have helped.

3. Forced reboot

Some problems can be solved by a forced reboot. The way to make a forced reboot on the new models has changed.

Apple iPhone X Hard Reset Buttons


On the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, press the volume up button, then the volume down button, and then press the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

4. Reconnect to the network Wi-Fi

If you can not connect to a Wi-Fi network, or you receive a password error, although it is entered correctly, try to forget the network and then connect to it again.

To do this, select a Wi-Fi network in Settings> Wi-Fi, and then tap “Forget this network.” A window pops up where you will have to confirm your action.

Now go back to Settings> Wi-Fi , select the same network, enter the password and try to connect to it.

5. Reset the network settings

Most problems with the network can be solved by resetting the settings. This clears the cache, DHCP settings, and other data. To do this, go to Settings> General> Reset and select Reset network settings .

6. Disconnect the VPN

If you have VPN enabled in the Settings, or you are using a VPN application, try to disconnect everything. If you can not disable the VPN completely, do this at least for a while to find out if this is the cause of the problem.

7. Turn off Wi-Fi system services

Many users are helped to turn off Wi-Fi system services in Settings> Privacy> Geolocation Services> System Services .

8. Change the DNS -server

Often, problems can occur because of problems with the DNS server. In this case, you can connect to the Google DNS server or CloudFlare’s DNS. On how to do this, you can read the link below.

9. Request for connection

You can try enabling the Request for connection feature in Settings> Wi-Fi . This is not the best solution, since you will need to confirm the connection to each new network, but it can help solve the connection problem.

10. WiFi help

In iOS, there is the Wi-Fi help function, which provides a more reliable connection to the Internet. Some users argue that disabling and enabling the function can help solve network problems. To turn off Wi-Fi Help, go to Settings -> Cellular, scroll down the screen and click the radio button next to Wi-Fi Help.

11. Restoring the iPhone

If none of the above solutions work, the last salvation is to configure your smartphone via iTunes again. Before this, you will need to make a copy, with which you can later be restored. 

12. Contact a specialist

If none of the above methods worked, and the problems were not fixed, then it’s better to contact a specialist. Perhaps it’s a matter of some detail.

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