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How To fix Invalid imei / unknown baseband Version Error Without Pc


For so many reason  android user encounter this imei/unknow based version error after flashing a rom or after factory reset today we will be give you the best method to fix this bug when you encounter it  this guide applies to all MTK mediatek device

How to fix unknown Baseband version, null / invalid IMEI &  SIM card not detected

Thing You Needs
Use any of the Nvram backup
After downloading the reqwuired file you need launch your Es File explorer click the menu of this and enable Root Explorer

Click on the Sdcard0 that is your extrernal Sdcard  location the Nvram file you download

Extract it using Es zp Viewer

Click that Icon at the top to extract the folder to any folder you want 

Copy  the Nvram folder  navigate to device as seen in the picture below

How To fix unknown baseband Version Error Without Pc

 Click the data folder to open it up

Paste it, it will ask you to overwrite the nvram folder click overwrite

How To fix  unknown baseband Version Error

Now close es file explorer and Reboot your device.
When ur device is finally booted, your invalid imei and unknown baseband version would be fixed


    • please be specific when making comment am no magician to understand what you mean.
      All zip files are good you are having that error maybe your download was not complete

  1. Yes i agree the link is working just pretty fine but the problem is the file within the link"nram backup androidvillaz.com 27.9kb" i tried to open it in both pc and phone says bad archive zip cannot open.


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