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How to fix a bug in the keyboard iOS 11.1

How to fix a bug in the keyboard iOS 11.1

Countries have recently been discovered by iOS 11.1 bug with auto-correction function. If you enter on your keyboard letter «i», it will automatically be corrected to «A». Some letters of the user are corrected to «A [?]».

If you, too, you see this error, you should know that Apple is already aware of the problem and fix it in the nearest update. In the meantime, we will talk about how to get rid of the bug yourself.

What is the reason

Dzheremi Bordzh from Emojipedia explains: “The reason is that” the letter I of »connected with the invisible character called Variation Selector 16, which appears when the keyboard wants to fix a small” i »on the big one.

Invisible character is used to the previous character looked like Emoji. In the absence of a bug, it should simply be ignored. It is obvious that an error occurs for some reason it is not, and users.

How to fix a bug

Step 1: Go to  Settings  ->  General  ->  Keyboard  ->  Replace text .

Step 2: Click the  +  at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Then, in the section of the phrase, type « I of » , and in the section reduction – «i».

Step 4: Click  Save, and then a bug should disappear.

Download another keyboard


Download another keyboard

There is a possibility that the replacement text will not fix the bug on some devices. In this case, you can download a third-party keyboard and use it as long as Apple does not solve the problem. If you’re an advanced user, you most likely already using a third-party keyboard with a wider selection of functions.

We recommend Gboard. It has a section with Emoji with GIFCA and Google search, and gesture support. You can also download SwiftKey or the Swype.



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