How to find large files on Mac

The article is about two regular ways to find large files on macOS. It will be useful to users who want to find unused documents or programs that take up space on a laptop. You will also need instructions if you know for sure that you have a large file, but don’t remember what it is called and where it lies.

Storage Search

1) In the menu bar, click the Apple icon > About This Mac, select Storage, then Manage.

2) In the Storage Management window, on the left side menu, select the Documents category.

3) Click on the Large Files tab.

Volume files will be sorted by size, at the top of the list – the largest. You can also sort files by name, file type, and last used date.

To delete a file, hover over the file, then click on the cross that appears. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window.

Finding Large Files Using Finder

If you are looking for a file of a specific size, use the Finder search. Open Finder, in the side menu on the left, select a place, for example, “This Mac”.

1) In the Finder window, click File > Find.

2) At the top of the window, select a search location, such as This Mac.

3) Click the plus sign to the right of  Save.

4) Enter your search criteria.

To find a file by size, select File Size in the first drop-down list. If this parameter is not present, click Other, find the File size in the list of parameters, check the box and click OK.

5) In the central drop-down list, select More than to find files of a certain size.

6) In the next field, enter a number, and select the units of measurement – KB, MB or GB. Click Save . For example, enter 100 MB to find files weighing more than 100 megabytes.

A list of files will appear, for each file the name, size, type, and date of the last opening are available.

You can add another search criterion – by file type.

1) Click the plus sign next to Save to open another search term.

2) Select Type in the first drop-down list and Document in the second. To narrow the search results, start typing the letters in the search bar from the name of the file you want.

Documents larger than the specified size will appear in the search results.

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