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How to extract sound from video on iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to extract sound from video on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Have you ever recorded a video on your smartphone, just to record the sound without thinking about the picture at all? Or do you just have a video, the sound in which is more important than the content, and you want to save it separately?

Extracting audio from video may sound like a daunting task, but in reality it is not. If this is what you have long wanted to do, we will help you. Below we describe how to extract audio from video on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Extract Audio on Mac

On a Mac, this is done very easily in QuickTime Player.

1) Open your video in QuickTime Player.

2) Select File on the menu bar.

3) Select Export and then Audio Only.

4) Name your file, select its location and click Save.

Extract Audio to iPhone and iPad

You can extract sound from a video through iMovie, but it will be harder than you think. The easiest and fastest way to do this is through a third-party application. There are many options in the App Store, but a free application is best.

One of the best of these applications – MP3 Converter Plus. It is available for both iPhone, and iPad and is easy to use. Open the app, give it access to your photos and follow the steps below.

1) Click plus sign in the bottom centre.

2) Choose where to import the video: from iCloud or the Camera Roll application.

Plus Sign


3) Select your video and click Add. in the lower right corner.

4) Now click on the added video again and select Convert.

5) Select Default Mode (mp3).

Plus Sign 2


If you prefer the m4a format, click Advance Mode and select it. You can also change other settings.

To open your audio file, go to the Converted tab. Here you can listen to the file or select Open In and send the file via AirDrop, save it to your device or share it in a message.


MP3 Converter Plus contains ads, but it is not too intrusive. For the money, advertising can be removed, and with it, you also get additional audio/video formats, as well as get rid of time constraints.

These two ways to extract audio from a video can be very useful to you when you want to save an audio file with your child’s laugh, with funny dog sounds, etc., to listen to them again and again.


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