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How to enable AirDrop on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

How to enable AirDrop on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

11 on iOS Apple again changed the design of the control room (for the second time in a year). At this time, all the switches back on one page, and they are separate widgets. Best of all, they finally can be adjusted.

With the new design, some functions have changed location. For example, if you pull the item from the bottom of the screen controls, you will no longer find the icon AirDrop. But it’s there. Just hidden in the new widget dedicated switches functions. Below we explain how to find and enable AirDrop on iOS 11.

Two new Apple Watch design: aluminum Blush Gold and Ceramic Gray

How to enable AirDrop in the control room

Step 1: Pull the bottom of the screen control point.

Step 2: At the upper left is a square with a switch Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. If you have the iPhone 6s or model later, tap on this widget with the help of 3D Touch. If you have an older model, simply hold the widget.

Step 3: The widget will expand to fill the screen, and it appears AirDrop icon.

Step 4: Hold the AirDrop icon, and pops up a window with three options – Reception off. Only for contacts and for all. Select the appropriate, and you will return to the screen control unit.

AirDrop feature is hidden in the control room, but on iOS 11 and she has a separate section in the settings.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Go to the Main.

Step 3: Select the AirDrop. Here you will also be three options settings.


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