How to Easily Delete Your Google Assistant Activity in Google Allo

You can delete any activity you’ve had with your Google Assistant in Google Allo.
But keep in mind, your Google Assistant activity stores chats you’ve
had with your Assistant, and remembers your name and interests for a
more personalized experience.

Unlike Facebook, Google is at-least transparent about the data it collects and let’s you download and delete it at your will.

Google Assistant and Allo both collects basic information such as your
phone number, name, photo (if available) and group chat information when
you register yourself on Allo. Other data is collected based on the
permissions you give to Allo and Google Assistant.

However, at any point, if you wish to delete your Google Assistant
activity, you can easily do so either from Allo or your Google account
on web.

How to Delete Google Assistant Activity from Allo

  1. Open Allo app.
  2. Open Google Assistant chat.
  3. Tap on the Assistant profile icon on top-right.
  4. Select Chat details » and then select Delete activity.

A confirmation dialogue will show on screen, select DELETE to confirm.

How to Delete Google Assistant Activity from Google Account

1. Go to your Google Account’s My Activity page on your PC.

2. Sign-in to your Google account.

3. Scroll down and you’ll Google Assistant activity section.Select DELETE.

4. You’ll get a confirmation dialogue on screen, select DELETE to confirm.

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