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How To Delete Useless Photos In WhatsApp

WhatsaApp is the most used messenger in the world right now until the future will say otherwise, Billion of message/Pictures are been sent on this platform on a daily basis. It has gotten to the level where we cannot chat with our friend without sending pictures/video across necessary and the unnecessary ones. We are here to help you out in deleting that useless video and picture in second from your Android device.
How To Delete Useless Photos In WhatsApp
We will be guided on how to Delete all the useless images from your device within a second, and at easy no worries at all, we will be sharing two methods on how that can be achieved.

How to Delete Useless Images in WhatsApp Automatically

The method is quite easy and simple all you need to do is to follow the simple steps we discussed below.

USING Magic Cleaner

Step 1. To Delete useless images in your WhatsApp automatically, we will be using this great app called “Magic Cleaner“. By using this app, a user can very accurately and easily Delete all those good junk mornings or good night photos and others sent by friends. Download
Step 2. After downloading the app from the link above install it then open and then tap the clean button which allows it to automatically Delete all those useless image files generated from the WhatsApp.
Step 3. You will need to have your Internet active to use Magic Cleaner without the internet the app won’t perform the task. This app compares the images on your device with that on your network databases and then conclude it to be junk or not very intelligently.
Are you might the process will take much time I want to assure you that it will not within a minute it has done its task.

Using Gallery Doctor

Clean up your device and free up some free space in your storage with Gallery Doctor.  This app instantly identifies similar  and the bad images in your Android gallery
Step 1. Download and install Gallery Doctor on your Android smartphone.
Step 2. After doing the above open the app and you will see a welcome screen press the skip button to continue.
Step 3. Wait for few seconds, for the app to automatically scan for all the unwanted images.
Step 4. After the analyzation is done, you will see bad Photos, Similar Photo, Photo for review, Long videos, Whatsapp Photos and lastly Screenshot.
Step 5. You can now Delete the useless image according to your wish.

This is the straightforward and easy way you to Delete useless images on your device from WhatsApp. Share this article if you love it.

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