A scatter file is very important as it serves as the foundation/building block for our android device. It is a file used to describe loads of regions in a specific android device running Mediateks ARM architecture. It is an essential requirement needed by SP flash tool used in reviving bricked devices, flashing or other mods. So its importance can not be over-emphasized.

The files You Neede

  • MTK Android phone or Tab with USB cable.
  • MTK Droid Tools.
  • Windows Computer.
  • ADB Drivers or PDANet.

Now let’s Roll. Install the ADB drivers or PDANet on ur pc.

Step 1. Enable USB debugging in your Android device by
going to settings>developer options>tick enable USB debugging.
Step 2. Then connect your  Android device to your pc via the USB cable. Note that the drivers must
install automatically since you already have pda.net installed.
Step 3. From your pc, run MTK Droid tools
application with administrator rights. Wait some few seconds for the
tool to detect your device and load your android devices info.

Next click on blocks Map
Tecno M3 on mtk droid tool

A new dialogue box will appear with the various partition blocks of ur android device. Click on create scatter file in the dialog box.

Tecno M3 Scatter file creation
You will then be asked to select a name and location to save d created scatter file. Don’t change the default name of d scatter file. Just select a suitable location of your choice to save d scatter file and click ok.
M3 Scatter file saving

That all !!! U have successfully created a scatter file for your android device copy and save it in a secure location because it is very important. U can even keep multiple copies cos its a small .text file. It will b used by SP flash tool whenever you want to do any mods, flashing, tweaks etc on your MTK Android device.

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