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How to create your Facebook avatar or emoji easily from iPhone or iPad

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Facebook has presented its own Memoji, a kind of personalized emojis that look like you very much like the ones we have available on Apple devices. They have been called Avatar and are available to the vast majority of social network users worldwide, although they may not yet have reached all countries and users .

It is very likely that in recent days you have seen many people sharing these Facebook avatars and today we are going to tell you how you can create them from your own iPhone in minutes. This kind of Facebook emojis are created in your image and you can customize them with many options.

Create your Facebook Avatar from the iPhone

These new Facebook Avatars are beginning to be available worldwide and the vast majority of users can now create them from their devices . It is quite simple and all you have to do to have them on your iPhone or iPad is follow these steps:

  • Open the Facebook application on your iPhone or iPad.
  • At the bottom right you will see three horizontal bars , click on them.
  • You will open the settings menu of the application and you must press See more.
  • The second option that appears is Avatars .

avatar facebook iPhone

  • Click on Avatars and follow the instructions appear.
  • First you must choose your skin tone , then the hairstyle and other options until creating an Avatar similar to You can even activate the camera to see if you look like.
  • When you have everything ready click on the upper right icon .
  • You have at your disposal various stickers to share with other apps.

avatar facebook iPhone

You can always go back to this tab to edit your personal Avatar or to share the stickers, you can even put them as a profile photo or share them on your favorite social network, although to share Facebook Avatars with other apps you will have to save the stickers in the Photos app and then share them.

Why can't I create a Facebook Avatar?

If when you have tried to create your Avatar following the instructions above, this option does not appear, it is most likely due to one of the following two circumstances, or you must update the Facebook app in the App Store , for which you must go to the iPhone app store, click on the circle of your photo, go down to the updates and update Facebook.

The other option is that at the moment Facebook has not enabled the Avatars for your account or in your country, do not worry that in the next few weeks You can probably get it, Facebook wants this option to be available to everyone as soon as possible.


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As we see, custom Memojis have become something very popular that everyone has wanted to copy. First it was Samsung, then Xiaomi and now Facebook with these Avatars that are sure to become very popular. We will see if it is something that continues to grow, although Apple starts with an advantage since thanks to Face ID its Memoji can move like you and you can create videos with your voice.

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