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How to create custom stickers on WhatsApp (Android and iOS)

How to create custom stickers on WhatsApp (Android and iOS)

WhatsApp is clearly one of the most used programs in the world to exchange messages and keep in touch with relatives and friends. And, since the application released the use of stickers, it was even more fun to send messages through it.

But even if WhatsApp already offers a wide variety of cards natively, it is also possible to download several packages of different themes (Gretchen, Shock of Culture, Power Rangers, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, among thousands of others) but if you want something really unique and you will not find anywhere, there is yet another possibility: make your own cards. But calm down! This is not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, it is very easy and anyone can do using their own smartphone.

How to create custom stickers on Android WhatsApp

First of all, it’s important to check if your WhatsApp is up to date. After all, since the use of figurines in the app is something recent, the older versions still did not support this tool. So it’s important to make sure that the installed version of WhatsApp is at least 2.18.329 (for Android devices) or 2.18.100 (for iOS devices). If it is a later version of these (for example, the current version of WhatsApp on Android is 2.18.380) this tutorial will work without problems, but any previous version will not work, because they are versions that still did not support the stickers. So to avoid problems when creating your custom figurines, make sure the app is properly updated.

To create your own stickers, you’ll need to download an app called Sticker Studio, which can be found for free in the Play Store. Once installed, using it is very simple and requires no knowledge in image editing or programming. When you open it for the first time, the app will prompt you to sign in, and you can access it through your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. Once you access it, you will be on an empty page with just a single “+” button appearing on the screen. By clicking on it, the program will give you the option to take a photo there by the app itself or to access the gallery of the device to choose an image.


Chose your image, the rest of the procedure is quite intuitive. The first step will be to crop your image. You can do this by simply “drawing” with your finger the format you want to crop the image. But if you do not trust your ability to make geometric shapes with your finger (I, for example, do not trust mine) you can access the menu in the upper right corner of the screen (marked by three vertical points) where you can choose a fixed geometric shape (circle, rectangle, or triangle), increase or decrease the selection area with tweezers on the screen, same as those used to zoom in or out on an image – but if you do not want to select anything , in the same menu you can also find an option to use the entire photo. Beside the menu, there is also a button with an arrow,


By choosing the selected area, you will be sent to a new screen with three buttons at the bottom. By selecting “scale sticker”, you can zoom in or out within the selected area, allowing you to highlight some detail of the image. There is also the “Draw on Sticker” button, which lets you use your finger to draw anything on the image, and the last button is the “Write on Sticker”, which lets you open a text box and write any message on your card. In both drawing and text, you can also increase the size of lines or letters using a slider that appears at the bottom of the screen, and choose the colour your text or drawing will have in the image – and in the text tool it is You can also choose the font with which the text will be written. After the issues are finished.


Importing to WhatsApp

Before importing your cards into WhatsApp, you must redo the above steps at least two more times with different images, since the program requires that there are at least three cards to send to WhatsApp. You can send as many stickers as you want (5, 10, 20 50), but as little as possible are three cards.


Once your cards are finished, in the page where all the created ones appear in the list, just click the “+” button at the top of the screen and choose to send your cards to WhatsApp. And ready! Your custom stickers will already be available for delivery in WhatsApp and can be accessed in the same menu as the other basic pieces of the app.


How to create custom stickers on iPhone WhatsApp

For iOS devices, the procedure is pretty much the same. First, you need to check if your WhatsApp is up to date. As already mentioned, the use of figurines in the app is something recent, and the older versions still did not support this tool. So it’s important to make sure that the installed version of WhatsApp is at least 2.18.100 (the current version of WhatsApp on iOS is 2.19.10) so your custom cards work without problems.

Sticker Maker works very much like the Android app, and you have to choose a photo and select the area that will be used as a figurine (Capture: Luciana Zaramela / Canaltech)

After confirming that the app is up to date, you need to download Sticker Maker from the App Store . The app is free so anyone can use it without fear of having to pay to create their own cards. It works pretty much like Sticker Studio: when you open the app, you can take a photo or grab a picture from the gallery to start editing. Once you have made the choice, just select the area of the photo you want to use for the picture with your finger. Unlike the Android app, Sticker Studio does not offer cut options in defined geometric shapes, and the only existing option is to select bypassing with your finger.


After selecting the image, just choose how you want to edit the picture. Although it does not offer a cut in geometric form, Sticker Maker has a few more tools than the Android app, such as eraser that allows you to erase some details of the image with your finger, as well as the possibility of emojis in your figurine. Once finished editing, just click the “Done” button in the upper right corner of the screen and your figurine will be saved automatically.


As with Sticker Studio, Sticker Maker also requires that there be at least three stickers created to send them to WhatsApp. So after creating at least three custom figurines, just hit the “Add to WhatsApp” button at the bottom of the screen that your figurine package will be automatically sent to the application, where they can be accessed along with the other basic figurines of the app.




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