How to create and edit playlists in the Music application on the iPhone and iPad

If you have just downloaded a bunch of songs on your iPhone and are ready to start enjoying your favorite music, you can create convenient playlists. You can create a playlist for workouts, work, leisure, etc.

Below we describe how to create and edit playlists on the iPhone in the Music app.

How to create a playlist in music

Open the Music app on your iPhone and make sure the Media Library tab is selected . Then select the Playlists section and follow the steps below.

1) Click New Playlist at the top of the screen.

Name your playlist and add a description if you like.

3) Click Add Music and select songs. You can search for songs by artists, albums, genres, etc. You can also use the search bar.

4) When you find the desired song, click the red plus next to it. A tick will appear instead of a plus.

5) When you have added all the desired songs, click Finish in the upper right corner. When the playlist is completely ready, click Finish again.

Editing playlists

If you want to add more songs to the playlist or delete some, you can edit it.

1) Find a playlist in the Playlists section on the Media Library tab .

2) Open it and click Edit in the upper right corner.

3) Now you can click Add music or delete songs by clicking on the red minus next to them. In addition, the songs in the list, you can drag to change their order.

4) When done, click Finish.

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How to remove playlist

1) Open the playlist you want to delete.

2) Click the icon (…) .

3) Select Remove from Media Library .

4) Confirm the decision by clicking Delete playlist.

Playlists are a great feature for composing your favorite songs. You can easily and quickly create playlists to your mood or lesson, and then conveniently enjoy your favorite music.


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