Create your Own logo with this software put any image you want
You can design great logo pix with Photoshop or any desired photo editor and put the pix in the project folder the pix should has in this format img1.png it will create a logo for you to flash in your device.
You may have to flash custom ROM and you don’t like the logo the developer used you can change it to your desired logo. Also note when you flash a Custom Rom that has logo in it and along the line you want to restore your stock ROM back the logo will not change with this app you can create a stock logo by going to your  Backed up ROM and navigate to

You will see a file named boot_logo
Use this software to

How to use: Simplified lol
1) Click “Create project”.
2) Select your original logo.bin file and new project folder
3) Edit project images as you wish.
4) Click “Make” (new logo.bin and for recovery will be created)
5) Flash new logo.bin via any flashing tool or via recovery.
Note the image in the logo must be same with device resolution
2) Gif2Bootanimation
One more little program. It can make file from a GIF file.


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