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How to convert Animoji to GIF

Animoji is a newly animated emoji feature from Apple in iOS 11 executively for iPhone X. This is a response to facial expressions via iPhone X camera, to animate various 3D animated emojis that can be sent as a video file with sound.

Animoji does not replace any existing emoji support in iOS and works exclusively as an iMessage app.

Existing emojis remain static on the emoji keyboard, and when used within text. The following characters are available for animation using Animoji:

  • ? Alien
  • ? Cat Face
  • ? Chicken
  • ? Dog Face
  • ? Fox Face
  • ? Monkey Face
  • ? Panda Face
  • ? Pig Face
  • ? Pile of Poo
  • ? Rabbit Face
  • ? Robot Face
  • ? Unicorn Face

Each animoji has a range of expressions which respond to the face being recorded. The Animoji mouth also animates to match the words being spoken, or sung in the case of “Animoji Karaoke”.

Today we’ll show you how to convert Animoji to GIF-files.


Before you begin, you need to download the free app the Workflow. It makes it very easy to perform complex actions, and we advise you to study the function of all available application.

When Workflow is established, you need to add to your collection team «Convert Animoji To GIF». It can be found in search or command section for iPhone X. Click on it and select «Get Workflow».

Create and save Animoji

Next, the thing you need as usual to create and maintain Animoji. If you do not know how to do this, read this article with detailed instructionsAfter sending the message Animoji holds the video to save it.


Return to the Workflow application and open the command that you added earlier. Click on the button «play» on top. The app will ask you to choose from Animoji Photos. When you make a selection, Workflow create a GIF from a selected Animoji. Everything is so simple. Below is an example of SIFCO Animoji.

Workflow can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge.

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