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How to connect the Apple Watch with watchOS 5 to Wi-Fi networks

Apple Watch works in tandem with your iPhone. The watch uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to synchronize data and broadcast media from iPhone to applications. If you do not have a model with a cellular connection, then Wi-Fi plays a huge role in the work of Apple Watch, notifications and the functioning of applications.

However, some applications and notifications can work even when Apple Watch is not connected to a smartphone. If your iPhone has already connected to any Wi-Fi network, Apple Watch will automatically do the same, even if the smartphone is not nearby. Thus, you can use your smartwatch without a smartphone at home, in the office or in your favourite coffee shop.

When connected to Wi-Fi, your Apple Watch is capable of much. You can interact with Siri, send messages and even make calls.

How to check Apple Watch ‘s connection to WiFi

How to check Apple Watch 's connection to Wi - Fi


Apple Watch connection status is displayed in the control point. In the upper left corner, you can use the icon to understand your connection status.

Green iPhone: Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Red iPhone: Your Apple Watch is disconnected from the iPhone. The clock cannot detect the iPhone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Blue Wi – Fi: Your iPhone is not nearby, but it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. To find out about connecting Apple Watch to Wi-Fi, you need this icon.


You can manage Wi-Fi connectivity on your Apple Watch. There is a Wi-Fi icon in the Control Point. Tap it to turn off or turn on Wi-Fi.

WiFi in Settings

Wi - Fi in Settings


In Settings, there is a Wi-Fi section that allows you to select networks. When your iPhone is not nearby, but there are several networks available, this is very useful.

It is important to note that compared to the iPhone, Apple Watch features are limited. They can only connect to 802.11b / g / n 2.4 GHz networks. 5 GHz networks are not supported.

How to turn off the sound of notifications on Apple Watch

Click the Digital Crown wheel to open your applications. Go to Settings, select Wi-Fi, and then select an available network. If your iPhone is not nearby, you can connect to the new Wi-Fi network using a password.

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