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How to Browse Free On Mtn With Psiphon Handler Better Than Simple server


We are back at it again to bring you the best VPN app Psiphon Handler that is great for browsing free and fast last time we talked on How To Browse With Mtn N0.00 On Android And Pc Today we are going to be talking about How to Browse Free On Mtn With Psiphon Handler This app is an alternative to simple server and unlike simple server, the psiphon handler powers all applications which means there is need for you to install auto proxy.
How to Configure it:
First set your Apn as shown below:
Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Port: 8080

Download and Install Psiphon Handler from this LINK.

Launch psiphon and configure as shown below:
*Proxy type: real host
*Proxy server: server4.operamini.com
*skip others and save.

Next, you will get a pop up message asking if you want to use psiphon browser only or Tunnel whole device. Choose tunnel whole device.
 On the next screen, click on the option tab.

 For region leave at Best Performance it works better than USA

 Click More Option Under “proxy settings”’ check the “connect through an HTTP Proxy” box.

Press the back button and Start the connection wait a few sec for it to connect see Red P it trying to connect andn the Blue P show that it connected
Thats all. browse on and Enjoy yourself
NOTE: after browsing for long and it refuse to browse just close app off data then on data open app again and connect again

After exhausting your 2gig on Psiphon82Handler or Simple server, just disconnect your ss/psiphon, open your opera mini and visit www.opera.com, your sim will come back to life and start browsing again…. Repeat the process whenever you exhaust 2gig…..thats the trick to make it unlimited like mine



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      enjoy @Baribefe
      @Anonymous download the one from that link u will see the menu


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