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How to Backup Android WhatsApp Messages to Your PC

How to Backup Android WhatsApp Messages to Your PC

Are you looking for a way to backup all your Android WhatsApp messages, attachments and even emoticons to your PC for future reference? There aren’t a lot of ways to do this quickly and easily, but if you have the right software utility you can accomplish it in just a few minutes. Doing this manually is extremely painstaking, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to capture each and every message thread, attachment and emoji. On the other hand, using a tool like TunesBroWhatsapp Transfer will guarantee that everything is captured and backed up to your PC.

There are several reasons why doing an Android WhatsApp message backup with this software makes so much more sense than any other method. The biggest of these is the fact that there are tens of thousands of satisfied users of this product.

Aside from being able to completely and thoroughly backup and restore any Android WhatsApp chat history to and from your computer, it can also do numerous other things. For example, if you want to move WhatsApp messages from one Android device to another using a computer as an interface, this is the software for you. It will also allow you to do more nuanced tasks such as extracting only the attachments from your WhatsApp messages and creating a backup on your PC. It even allows you to export your chat history into different formats like word, PDF, HTML, CSV or TXT. In fact, you can even directly print WhatsApp conversations using this software. The icing on the cake is that it supports Android 8.0 Oreo, which is the most recent major release of the Android operating system from Google.

How to Backup Android WhatsApp Messages

Let us now take a look at how you can use this software to easily accomplish the task of backing up all your WhatsApp messages and other data from an Android device to your PC.

Step 0: Before you proceed with this method, make sure that you enable USB debugging on your Android device. To do this, go to Settings >> About Phone >> Build. Tap on ‘Build’ exactly seven times, and it will show you a small pop up at the bottom saying “You are now a developer!”.

Step 1: The next thing to do is to download TunesBro WhatsApp Transfer from TunesBro official website and install the application on your PC.

Step 2: First, open the application on your computer, and then connect the USB-debugging-enabled Android smartphone or tablet using a data cable.

Step 3: At this stage, the software will automatically read your WhatsApp chat history and make it available for you to review on the main interface window. On the right side, there will be a panel where you can see individual message threads based on the selections made in the middle and left hand side sections of the screen.

Step 4: You now have two choices: To backup your entire chat history from device to PC, or select an individual contact and only extract the chat history for that contact. To backup everything, click the ‘backup messages’ icon in the toolbar that you see at the top. You can also do this from the file menu. To backup messages for a single contact, click that contact on the left and choose the option to “backup messages from this contact”.

Step 5: The final step is to either choose an existing database or specify a new one to which you want your WhatsApp history to be backed up. Click on confirm, and you will be all done in a few seconds.

This is the most straightforward and convenient way to backup WhatsApp chat history and all related data from any Android device to a computer. The software interface is clean and has been specifically designed to enhance user experience and reduce user input. The software will reliably transfer absolutely every bit of data from the Android installation of WhatsApp to the specified database on your computer. Once it is backed up, the software will allow you to review the backup so you can confirm that everything has been transferred as it should be.


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