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How to automatically close all tabs in Safari in iOS 13



In iOS 13 Apple significantly improved the Safari browser by adding convenient tab management and several new features, including the ability to automatically close all tabs after a while.

Open tabs can slow down Safari and waste system resources. To prevent this, unnecessary tabs must be closed. However, not everyone and always remembers about it.


If your browser is configured to open all links in new tabs, then the problem is especially urgent. In iOS 13, you can solve it by automatically closing all tabs, and below we will explain how to configure it.

How to automatically close tabs in Safari

1) Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 13.

2) Select the Safari section from the main list.

3) Select Close tabs.

4) Choose one of the available options:

  • Manually
  • A day later
  • One week later
  • A month later

Many do not even realize how many extra tabs they have openly, and how negatively they act on the operation of the device. Fortunately, now this problem can be easily solved.


Now you don’t have to close all tabs every time, which can take a long time. We hope this instruction was useful to you!


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