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How to add weather forecast to your Mac’s menu

How to add weather forecast to your Mac's menu

Your Mac’s menu bar is a great place to quickly find out the date, time, battery level, as well as access the Notification Center, Search and Siri. Why not add to it also the weather forecast? Then you can very quickly find out the air temperature and forecast for the future.

You no longer need to open the whole program to find out all this. Below we will explain how to add the weather forecast to your Mac’s menu. In the Mac App Store, there are many programs that allow you to do this. We will tell about two free.

Weather indicator


Weather Indicator – the usual program with the weather, which has the most necessary details. When you download the program, open the Programs folder and immediately launch it. You can enter your location manually or determine it automatically.

The current air temperature will be displayed on the menu bar. Click the icon to find out wind speed, pressure, forecast for 10 days and the time of dawn and dusk.

The program does not update the forecast automatically, so you will need to do it manually if necessary. In the settings, you can choose between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, as well as change the subject.

Weather Indicator can be downloaded for free , and there are no in-app purchases.

Forecast Bar – Weather + Radar

Forecast Bar - Weather + Radar


Forecast Bar – Weather + Radar is another great program, but it has a lot more to it. When you download a program, just run it to add an icon to the menu bar.

You will see the current air temperature, and when you click the icon – the details will open.

Use the chart to find out the hourly forecast. View the forecast for the week with the highest and lowest temperatures of the day, as well as a daily report. There is also a map with a radar. Click on current weather to find out pressure, wind speed, a percentage of visibility, UV index, etc.

You can choose a refresh rate from one hour to six hours or manually update the data. From the available options there is a choice between the menu bar and the dock, setting the background, notifications, touchbar, etc.

Forecast Bar – Weather + Radar can be downloaded for free, but it has the opportunity to buy different options for the frequency of updates.

Now you don’t have to open a program with the weather every time or search for a forecast on the Internet. You will always be in the know, just by looking at the menu bar.


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