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How to add links to Instagram Stories

How to add links to Instagram Stories
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Have you ever wanted to add links in the history of Instagram? Well, now you can do it! In Instagram, you can use links in the story if you have 10,000 or more subscribers. Previously, the function was only available to verified users.
This is a very important event because earlier in Instagram I had to add links to the profile description. Adding links in the stories in the Instagram is very simple, but you need to do it right so that the link is noticed. Below we will show you how to add links in the history of the Instagram.

Step # 1: Click the link icon

Before you add a link to the story in the Instagram, you need to make a photo or video or upload it to the story already ready. Now you can add a link. First add stickers, filters and text, and then click the link icon at the top of the screen.
Click the link icon.jpg

Step # 2:  Type or paste the URL

When you click on the link icon, a screen will appear where you will need to enter or insert your link. When you are done, click “Done”. After that, you can publish the story as usual.
Type or paste the URL

Step # 3: Make the link noticeable

If you really want your subscribers to pull the story up and open your link, you need to draw attention to it. If you just add a link, many will not notice it.
The link icon in the finished story is not very noticeable, so you’ll have to use additional elements, as in regular stories. You can specify the text to which the link leads, and also encourage users to make the svayp up. In case they do not know how to make a svayp, you can even draw a arrow pointing up in history.


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