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How to add a virtual Home button to Apple iPhone X

How to add a virtual Home button to Apple iPhone X

There is no iPhone X button Home, and most of the action is now performed with the help of gestures. Perhaps not all of them are suitable for you, at least until you got used to them not. There is a solution – AssistiveTouch. Universal access – essentially a virtual Home button which cannot only return you to the main screen but also do more much more.

Previously AssistiveTouch function used when the Home button is broke, or in times of iPhone 4s, to avoid premature failure.

When you enable and configure AssistiveTouch, you can add 3D Touch gestures, or long press a virtual button. When you press the on it, there will be several options, including Siri activation, application switching, screenshot, etc..

How to add a virtual Home button

Step 1: Go to Settings  ->  General  ->  Accessibility  ->  AssistiveTouch and press the switch at the top. After this virtual button appears on the screen. Place it where you want.


Step 2: Then click the top-level menu. You’ll see a button that will appear after clicking on the main. Typically, some of them are control centres, Siri, Home and alert. It is worth adding features Multitasking and Screen Capture.


Step 3: You can configure the one-touch gestures, double-tap and long press or 3D Touch.


These gestures can set the most important steps. For example, one touch will open the main screen, double – multitasking and long press – to the control room. For 3D Touch, you can leave the activation of Siri.

That’s it, you now have a convenient virtual Home button.

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