How to add a switch between light and dark themes to the Dock on Mac

If you often switch between dark and light modes on a Mac, but you are tired of this long process, there is a better option. You can add a mode switch directly to your Mac’s Dock. Below we will describe the steps of how this is can be done fast.

How to create a switch between light and dark themes

Open the Automator tool and follow the instructions below.

1) If Automator does not appear in the full window, select New Document.

2) Document Type, select Program.

3) On the left, in the Actions section, select Library, and then Utilities.

4) Drag the Change interface appearance from the list to the Automator main window.

5) From the drop-down menu, select Light/Dark.

6) On the menu bar, select File and then Save.

7) Name the file and place it where it is convenient, and then click Save.

How to use the switch

Now open the folder in which you saved the file and drag it to the Doc. Since this is an application, it can be placed on the left side of the Doc next to the programs.

Now simply click on the switch to change the mode. When you use it for the first time, you will see a window with a message saying that the application will make changes to the system. Click OK.

That’s all, now you can quickly and easily switch between light and dark mode on your Mac.


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