How to add a Christmas hat to your Memoji

If you have already created Memoji on your iPhone, you should make your character more festive by adding a New Year’s cap to it. Or you can create a new character, for example, Santa Claus, to congratulate your friends.

How to add a Christmas hat on Memoji

  1. Open the Messages application on the iPhone, and then open any dialog.
  2. Tap the monkey icon in the applications bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose your Memoji
  4. Click the (…) button and select Edit.
  5. Find the section with the hats, scroll down and select the white New Year’s hat.
  6. Now scroll up and select the section with flowers. Here you can paint the cap in traditional red or any other color.
  1. Click “Finish” to save your Memoji.

Now you can use your festive Memoji like any other.

How to add a Christmas hat to your Memoji

You can send it to your friends, record a video with him, turn Memoji into gifs, or just admire your character.

Recall that to use Memoji and Animoji, you need iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X with iOS 12 and newer.


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